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All ProductsJazz ImprovisationMusic pdf eBookJazz Theory and TechniqueJazz Exercises, Licks and Patternsjazz theoryThe Diminished ScaleJazz Exercises & SequencesJazz Exercises and PatternsBass Clef InstrumentsJazz Exercises, Patterns and SequencesThe Cycle of FifthsAltered Scale, Melodic MinorChromaticismColtrane ChangesAugmented Scale for Improvisation1 2 3 5 Musical PermutationsMajor 3rd CyclesJazz EtudesFunkadosis!Janya Ragas1 2 3 5 Musical Permutations and their Inversions
USD 19.99

SUPER! Slick Licks That Stick! (Vol. 1 & 2)

For Serious Improvisers of All Levels!

USD 15.99

The Ultimate! Diminished Scale Coloring Book

Unlocking the colors & mysteries of the octatonic Diminished Scale

USD 11.99

Slick Licks That Stick! (Bass Clef)

For All Bass Clef Instruments

USD 5.99

Minor 6th Diminished Scale Arpeggios - 12 Keys

Attention Serious Improvisers of All Levels!

USD 9.99

Lines in Fourths - The iii-VI-ii-V-I Progression

USD 9.99

The Cycle -101

101 creative exercises & sequences designed to transport you around the Cycle of Fifths (4ths)

USD 9.99

The Book of Altered

USD 9.99


A Technique Builder & Practice Primer for the Ups, Downs & Sideways of the Chromatic Universe. For Improvisers of All Levels!

USD 9.99

Changing 'Trane's - The Cycle of Descending Major 3rds

USD 9.99

Augmented Scale Reality

USD 9.99

Permutation Station 1 2 3 5

A practical exploration into the four-note permutations of Major Scale steps 1-2-3-5.

USD 9.99

RETROSTEPS - The Cycle of ASCENDING Major Thirds

An upside down & backwards reinterpretation of “Giant Steps Changes” in 12 keys

USD 9.99


One dozen solo-style Jazz Etudes with attitude!

USD 9.99


There ain't no cure for the Funkadosis!

USD 9.99

Yagapriya - A New Look for the Improviser

A collection of scales and melodic patterns based on the 31st Melakarta, for use by the contemporary improviser.

USD 9.99

The Book of Altered II - Extensions & Dimensions

Altering your Melodic Minor consciousness

USD 9.99


USD 9.99

Jazzitudes 2

Another Dozen (+1) Jazz Solo Etudes with Attitude

USD 9.99

Permutation Station II - Next Station: Inversions

Permutation Station II - Next Station: Inversions