Triadicisms II - Minor, Augmented & Diminished Triad Workout

Triadicisms II - Minor, Augmented and Diminished Triad Workout (139 page pdf e-book)

Vol. 2 of Triadicisms, featuring exercises, lines and sequences, focusing on the Minor, Augmented and Diminished triads.

Triadicisms II”, being the second volume and logical extension of “Triadicisms, Vol. 1” (which features exercises and sequences focused exclusively on the Major Triad), continues along similar lines and format, this time with individual chapters featuring the “other” three – namely, Minor, Augmented & Diminished Triads.

As mentioned in the previous volume's introduction, the triad is the building block of Western harmony, as it characteristically exerts a strong harmonic “pull”, regardless of its function. Triads can also be part of a larger (7th, 9th, 11th, or 13th ) chord as an extension or upper structure.

As with Vol. 1, the exercises, lines and sequences found within these pages are organized, for all three triad types, according to their interval cycle - semitone, whole tone, minor & Major 3rd, perfect 4th & 5th, as well as tritone – and categorized further according to their inversions and / or permutations.

The importance of understanding and mastering the 4 basic triad types cannot be overstated.

Both this volume, “Triadicisms II”, as well as “Triadicisms - Volume One: Major Triad Workout“ are designed to achieve that end.

“Elemental.., but not elementary, my dear What's – On!”

Bobby Stern

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