Super Augmented II - Further Explorations

Super Augmented II - Further Explorations

As the title suggests, this is the second volume of exercises, sequences and concepts pertaining to the self titled “Super Augmented” Scale, a nonetonic, symmetrical, synthetic collection of pitches. Its layout divides the octave into three equal parts – as does the more common hexatonic Augmented Scale.

What makes Super Augmented so “super” is that it combines a pair of Augmented Scales - a half step apart - with an Augmented triad being common between them. The fact that Super Augmented contains 3 different Augmented triads means that, with inversions, an Augmented triad is generated from each of its nine scale steps.

As listed in the Table of Contents of this volume, various sub-topics are organized into the following sections: Scale Sequences, Interval Sequences, Chords & Arpeggios, as well as Pentatonics & Triad Pairs.

As the basic unit of Super Augmented is the 013 Trichord (C-Db-Eb from C), its basic mode of transposition is that of a Major 3rd - again, like its hexatonic constituent.

In the first Volume “013 Calling - Super Augmented”, a section introducing the 013 Trichord was included. In this volume, the focus is centered more so on exercises, sequences and melodic ideas stemming from the various resulting components of the Super Augmented scale itself.

The material contained in this volume, as well as in Vol. I, is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to uncovering melodic combinations from the Super Augmented system.

Both of these volumes will hopefully wet the appetite of any improviser or composer for further investigation into and practical understanding of this enigmatic “scale of limited transposition”.

Bobby Stern

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