Vertical Structures

The Ups, Downs & Sideways of Essential 7-Note Scales as Arpeggios

Chords and Scales! Scales and Chords! Two manifestations and expressions of the same thing.

Like the age-old "chicken or the egg" argument, it's interesting but unimportant as to which came first.

For the improviser, however, it's essential that he or she becomes fluent with both concepts and can readily visualize and execute each in a creative situation.

"Vertical Structures", focuses on and explores some of the more common scale systems and modes (Lydian, Dorian, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor & Major, as well as the half tone/ whole tone Diminished Scale) and presents them as extended 13th chord arpeggios and sequences, as well as diatonic 4th stacks.

"Vertical Structures" is a "go to" volume for studying and practicing the vertical aspects of these selected common scale systems.

In addition to being presented in each of the 12 keys, all exercises and melodic sequences are range adjusted for the saxophone, which presents some interesting melodic alternatives for non-saxophonists, as well.

Practicing the exercises and sequences presented here will not only promote the necessary technical facility in executing 7-note chordal arpeggios, but will sharpen one's own aural

recognition as well.

Scale the heights!


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