Pentalogy (100 pages)

A Multi Pentatonic Scale Practical Practice Guide

A “pentalogy” (from Ancient Greek – penta, meaning “five” and logos, “word” or “story”), is defined as “a set of five works (of art, literature, music, etc.) that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as five individual works."

This is an accurate description of both the subject and contents of this volume of “Pentalogy”, which is an exploration into the improvisational usage of five selected Pentatonic Scale types.

By that definition, a “pentatonic scale” , being literally any scale containing five different pitches, might itself be considered a pentalogy.

The 5 “Pentas” chosen for this Shortbook™ are:

Major Pentatonic
Pentatonic b3
Pentatonic b6
Pentatonic b2
Pentatonic #2

The first part of this volume is dedicated to exploring the modes of each of the 5 Pentatonic types from a common tone, the purpose of which is to enable one to play 5 possible pentatonic scales from any single note.

There follows a section of ii-V7 sequences which utilize and combine that information musically.

All exercises and sequences are extended to all keys.

With a little patience, passion and due diligence, you too, will become an expert Pentalogist.

Bobby Stern

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