Jazzitudes 2

Another Dozen (+1) Jazz Solo Etudes with Attitude

A Baker's Dozen Jazz Solo-Styled Etudes with Attitude

"Jazzitudes 2" (72 pages)

"Jazzitudes 2" is the second volume of solo styled Jazz "Etudes with Attitude", which are based on the chord changes of familiar Jazz & Popular Standards.

While the original volume featured a classic dozen offerings, "Jazzitudes 2" serves up a baker's dozen - a collection of thirteen fresh etudes.

Although a detailed overview of the features of Jazzitudes is given in the first volume, it bears repeating here, albeit with bullet points:

*Creating your own etudes over a tune's chord changes is a fun and effective way to learn the intricacies of that particular tune.

*It slows down the improvisational process and makes you consider the significance of each note within each phrase you are creating. In this regard, it can possibly be even more effective than transcribing a solo.

*As with the previous “Jazzitudes”, although not required, each etude in this volume was conceived – both in key and tempo - with a particular Jamey Aebersold Playalong track in mind (always shown in the top right corner of the initial page of each etude).

Many of the techniques and much of the melodic material used in the creation of these etudes are found in exercise and sequence form as the subjects of previous Shortbooks™.

In both “Jazzitudes” volumes, they become transformed into “real music”.

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