Changing 'Trane's - The Cycle of Descending Major 3rds

"Changing 'Trane's - The Cycle of Descending Major 3rds" (114 pages)

"Coltrane Changes" continues to be required practice for any improviser, aspiring and accomplished alike. Having a grip on the "Cycle of Descending Major Thirds" means one more tool of many in the contemporary improviser's arsenal.

The exercises contained in this pdf eBook are presented in 12 keys as four bar sequences; the first three bars being the full descending cycle, resolving to the tonic chord in the fourth bar for two beats followed by the V7, which then resolves back to the tonic in the first bar of the same or next line.

They are organized, per key, according to the starting notes of the first Major chord (3rd, Root, 5th & 6th), as well as a page devoted to negotiating the Cycle with a single Augmented Scale.

Special attention was given to the playability, musicality and especially the connectivity between the changes, resulting in smooth resolutions and playable lines & sequences.

The Table of Contents contains interactive links, so that clicking a page name or number will take you to that page. Likewise clicking on that pages title header will take you back to the TOC.

All pages are fully printable, meaning you just can print a single page to work on, or the whole book. It's up to you!

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